Software License And Maintenance Agreement

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Article 2 Copying and amending counterparty 2.1 should not make the software public and should not copy and/or otherwise modify it. Unless it is necessary for the use expressly authorized by the agreement. 2.2 The counterparty is authorized to create a backup copy of the software or software for security reasons. The data support containing this copy bears the title of the software (media), the notification that the medium also contains copyrighted material, that Optimizers has reserved intellectual rights to that material. 2.3 Consideration is never permitted to modify or remove an existing identification of software or software relating to the creator of the program`s confidentiality or any other reference to Optimizers. Article 6 Intellectual Property Rights 6.1 Optimizers assures the counterparty that the software or uses of the counterparty do not constitute a violation of the intellectual property rights and/or similar rights of third parties and that it is fully justified to grant the rights provided in this agreement. Optimizers protects the consideration for all damages caused to Counter Party from an alleged violation of such third-party rights, provided that Counter Party immediately reports an alleged violation and, to the extent that Optimierer wishes, leave the defence to these fully optimizer allegations and therefore have all the necessary cooperation and information. 6.2 In the event of an alleged violation or violation, as stated in the previous section, Optimizers has the right to replace or modify the software (s) so that the violation is relieved and the functional characteristics of the software (s) are as reduced as possible. Where an infringement has been found, as indicated in the previous section, by a court order that has definitively come into force and/or can be enforced in the country where the counterparty is located and it is established that it is not possible to replace or modify it without adversely affecting the functional characteristics of the software or software`s possibilities, both parties have the right to terminate that agreement.

Article 8 Duration, Cessation and Review 8.1 This agreement enters into force on the date it was signed by both parties. The user fee will not come into effect until the amounts agreed for the acquisition of the right to use have been fully paid to Optimizers. 8.2 This agreement is for an indefinite period of time. 8.3 It can only be lifted in one of the cases mentioned in this article. 8.4 Optimizers have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect by a written notification in the event of a violation of one or more of its obligations by the opposing party.

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