What Is A Quota Pledge Agreement

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Effective September 1, 2007, the rules of the Code of Rights Commitments were amended and new rules were added to the Business Registration Act regarding the creation of quota commitments. In accordance with the changes made, the commitment of a quota in a Hungarian limited company must be registered in the trade register. Both the consignment judge (i.e. the owner of the business) and the pawnbroker can apply to the court of the register from which the business was registered. The court reviews the application and the deposit agreement to determine, among other things, whether the data from the agreement on the company and its owner are consistent with the trade registry data. The new rules are binding only as part of the quota commitments made after 1 September 2007; However, it may also be desirable to register the agreed commitments before the amendments are introduced. It has always been clear that if the company is taken on security is a company limited by shares, a surety is reasonable; the rules of procedure applicable in this case are clear and clear. However, while the company in question was a limited liability company, some aspects of the proceedings were not yet clear. There was no doubt that a quota commitment (i.e. the sum of the owner`s rights and obligations to the company) should be set. However, there were doubts as to whether such collateral should be included in the register of personal assets or whether the signing of the agreement was sufficient for the agreement to be effective. Opinions differ as to whether a quota is a mobile asset and whether it is registerable.

The interpretation of the issue in a particular case generally depended on the notary who had registered, but the generally accepted practice was that such a commitment had to be registered in order to give the parties greater certainty as to their positions. In general, the long-awaited new Commercial Companies Act (CDC) is expected to allow for registered liabilities (or quotas) to limited liability companies. The impact of potential legislative developments and their potential to support funding operations could be carefully considered. Shares (or quotas) in limited liability companies are personal property. Commitments to Stolton mobile are generally regulated by law. Local law does not specifically govern the pawning of shares in LC onshore (i.e. limited liability companies subject to the generally applicable provisions of the current Commercial Companies Act).

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