Which One Of The Following Is False Regarding Agency Agreements

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An agency relationship that is concluded retroactively is known as agency: a) General Agency b) Universal Agency c) No agency d) Special Agency X Ltd has two directors, Joe and Harry. None of the directors are authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the company. In practice, Joe (with Harry`s agreement) enters into all contracts on behalf of the company. What type of agency was created when a third party acting in good faith enters into a contract with Joe who claims to be acting on behalf of X Ltd? 5) Designated agency means that clients do not have at their disposal all the trust obligations they would have if they were fully involved in the sales agency or the buyer`s agency. What the client abandons in this situation is the fiduciary duty of the undivided? Con appoints George to act as his agent for two weeks. George agrees to act without paying. Con orders George to rent his tenants every Friday morning and pay the rent at the bank next door. The second week, George collects the rent, but he can`t be transferred. On the way back, he leaves him on the bus and is never picked up. Can Con sue George for violating his agency obligations? 1) If a cooperating broker accepts a loan offer from a list broker, to whom does the cooperating broker owe fiduciary obligations? 7) What type of agency would be most advantageous for a buyer? (a) The subsetive is a simple way for the cooperating broker to participate in the commission. b) Subsenation relieves the seller and the stockbroker of responsibility for the actions of the sub-agents. c) the collection agency must be subject to written consent from the buyer. (d) The subposition allows the sub-agent to act as a buyer_s agent without the risk of an undisclosed duale agency.

7) The principles of an agency relationship encompass all of these factors, with the exception of the agency`s? a) b) Double brokerage agency by mutual agreement (d) Buyer (a) For the implementation of the mandatory agreement on the designated agency, it is a dual agency. b) It is only with disclosure and informed consent that this is called a double consensual agency. c) It is only when the broker has informed the seller and they have executed the flat-rate unilateral offer of the installment at the time of listing that it is called a double-white agency. d) It does not allow an agency alternating, but only one agency. 2) A sub-agent owes the buyer customer-level services, to which too? 8) In the oral decision, is the licensee charged with an offence still a party? 9) In the cases brought by the Department of Foreign Affairs against licensees in New York, which of the following names are the exact names of the parties? 9) A buyer_s agent is usually paid by the traditional commission agreement between the broker and the cooperating broker, the___________pays the commission which is then divided between the listing agent and the buying agent. (a) Express Agency b) implicit agency c) transaction agency (d) alleged agency 6) the duale agency must be published at the time of its decision; the seller consents to a dual agency when he signs the list. (a) fill out drafts on a pre-printed list form. b) the absence of a definition of an exclusive right to sell and an exclusive agency when registering a list of cooperatives.

c) A serious deposit of money into a trust account. (d) acceptance of a commission directly by a seller. (a) A broker is found guilty of a crime if he or she employs a seller who does not hold an adequate licence. b) When registering a listing of condominiums, the broker must state in writing the difference between the exclusive right to sell and the exclusive ranking of the agencies. c) brokers are prohibited from buying other people`s funds with their own resources.

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