Wto Agreement Structure

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9. At the request of the parties to a trade agreement, the Ministerial Conference may decide by mutual agreement to include this agreement in Schedule 4. At the request of the parties to a multi-lateral trade agreement, the Ministerial Conference may decide to remove this schedule 4 agreement. Then there are additional agreements and annexes dealing with the specific requirements of certain sectors or themes. The WTO regulates trade in goods, services and intellectual property among participating countries, imposing a framework for negotiating trade agreements and a dispute settlement mechanism to enforce WTO agreements signed by representatives of member governments[8]:fol.9-10 and ratified by their parliaments. [9] The WTO prohibits discrimination between trading partners, but provides exceptions for environmental protection, national security and other important objectives. [10] Trade disputes are settled by independent WTO judges in dispute resolution proceedings. [10] Although the Marrakesh Agreement itself does not apply directly to your business, the WTO agreements offer in their annexes a comprehensive set of rules aimed at facilitating competition in the current global market. The full text of all WTO agreements, including those concluded since the wto`s inception, is contained in the TARA database on negotiations and compliance with U.S. Department of Commerce trade agreements. 2. Membership decisions are made by the Ministerial Conference.

The Ministerial Conference approves the agreement on the terms of membership by a two-thirds majority of WTO members. This chapter focuses on the Uruguay Round agreements, which are the basis of the current WTO system. Additional work is also under way in the WTO. This is the result of decisions taken at ministerial conferences, particularly at the Doha meeting in November 2001, when new negotiations and other work were initiated. (To learn more about the Doha agenda, later) iv. Unlike the GATT, WTO agreements are permanent and binding on Member States.

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